By Qendra Jonathan

With the financial support of the Public Relations Office of the US Embassy in Tirana and in partnership with local companies, we implemented the I Fit In project, a project that aimed to create a culture in local companies and the Albanian community, in which individuals with Down syndrome are able to adapt to their business lives, can work and be contributing citizens to our communities. The project was implemented during the period September 2021-April 2023, ensuring the employment of 18 people with Down Syndrome in local companies such as: Mulliri Vjetër, Balfin Group, Raiffeisen Bank, Xheko Imperial, Rogner Hotel, the training of Coordinators of Individuals with Special Needs, to facilitate the hiring process in the company as well as the production of two sensitization videos to promote the employment of young people with Down Syndrome in Albania. Below, we invite you to follow some moments with young people while working in companies!