Our Services

We offer speech therapy, developmental therapy, music therapy, physical therapy and independence courses for individuals with special needs. We offer counseling, training and support groups for parents.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a therapy that aims to improve and develop the language of children or adults through games and language rehabilitation techniques. This therapy is carried out by the speech therapist, who rehabilitates and treats children from a few months old to young people, who have language problems from congenital or acquired causes during life. Logopedia realizes the rehabilitation of some diagnoses such as: Speech of deaf persons/children; Speech of persons/children with Down Syndrome; Speech in children with autism spectrum disorder; Speech in children with epilepsy; Speech in persons/children with facial paralysis; Speaking to persons/children with language delays; language disorders; voice disorders; vocal cord disorders; speech in persons/children with ADHD; speech in persons/children with Tuberous Sclerosis; speech in persons/children with Encephalopathy; speaking to people/children with Angel Syndrome; in persons/children with Meningomyelocele, etc.

Terapia e zhvillimit

Terapia e Zhvillimit përfshin fëmijët dhe te rinjtë e grupmoshave të ndryshme dhe ka në fokus të aftësojë fëmijën në përmbushjen e potencialit kognitiv, emocional dhe të aftësimit për jetën.Terapia e zhvillimit dhe ajo okupacionale ndërhyn në fushat e mëposhtme: Aktivitete të jetës së përditëshme; Aftësimin për jetën; Edukim; Koha e lirë; Aftësitë motorike (globale dhe fine); Aftësitë kognitive; Aftësitë e komunikimit; Përmirësimin e ndërveprimit social, etj. Terapia e zhvillimit realizon rehabilitimin e disa diagnozave si psh. Sindroma Down, Vështirësi në të Folur, Çrregullime të Spektrit të Autizmit, Meningomyelocele, Tuberous Sclerosis, Epilepsi, Encephalopathy, Sindroma Angel etj.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a type of therapy, which is based on the use of music for the physical, social-emotional, linguistic, cognitive development of children, adolescents and adults. This therapy can be developed individually (therapist-child/adult) and in a group (therapist-child/adult group). The music therapist also trains children/adults in learning musical instruments and their artistic development. Music therapy realizes the rehabilitation of several diagnoses such as: Down Syndrome, Speech Difficulty, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Meningomyelocele, Tuberous Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Encephalopathy, Angel Syndrome, etc.


Physiotherapy involves specific interventions in children and young people where movement and function have been compromised or are compromised by an illness, disability or disorder. Such interventions are designed and prescribed to develop, recover and maintain the individual's health well-being. Physiotherapy is developed in such a way to adapt to all spheres of health and well-being, such as: promotion, prevention, rehabilitation and includes physical, psychological, emotional and social factors. Physiotherapy involves the interaction of the physiotherapist with the patient including his/her family, carers and other health professionals who are part of the patient's welfare team. We develop a personalized treatment plan aimed at improving each child's ability to reach their potential. Temporary or permanent therapy is available for infants through teens, indoors or outdoors. Our therapy environment meets your child's therapy needs by providing an energetic and positive atmosphere. We also provide assessments for adolescents addressing physical needs and limitations through an intervention plan. We help teenagers how they can get involved in sports or physical activities that they are interested in.

Independence Course

The realization of the independence courses aims to improve and develop the daily life skills and autonomy of young people with different diagnoses. They are a help and support for young people towards an independent life maximizing their potential.

Counseling for parents

The counseling service for parents is an individual professional process that is offered to mothers and fathers or even both parents simultaneously of children who receive services at the center. This service offers support, listening and professional guidance in easing the psychological and emotional state of the child's parents by increasing individual functionality, the quality of the couple's relationship as well as that of family life. This service is provided by the psychologist and is carried out through individual or couple meetings.


As one of the main pillars of work at the Jonathan center, trainings are diverse services that are offered to increase awareness, acquire a new skill, update knowledge related to various professional and organizational issues. Trainings are offered on various topics dedicated to staff to develop their professional capacity in increasing the quality of service provided to children, parents, families and the wider community. Trainings are also offered dedicated to parents or families of children who receive services at the center to increase the quality of cooperation and the efficiency of therapeutic interventions carried out in children/adolescents and young people. Quality trainings are offered by selected professionals in the field in the required topics.

Support Groups for Parents

Parent Support Groups (Focus Groups) are services offered in group form at the centre. They are aimed at the socio-emotional support of parents, their empowerment as well as group learning about various problems/solutions encountered in everyday life related to difficulties in managing children's behavior, managing emotions, increasing an ability to the child, managing the daily problems that parents encounter with family life or related to the differently abled child. Group learning, with professional support, is one of the most efficient ways of sharing information as well as in a fairly quick time.

Sensibilization Activities

One of the main goals of the Jonathan center is to raise awareness in society, to accept and embrace differently abled individuals. Over the years, various activities of an informative and sensitizing nature have been carried out, such as: Body Walk, Conferences, Concerts, Parades with young people with Down Syndrome, etc. We aim for every individual with special needs to receive not only the services they need to develop their potential but also to be accepted, integrated and embraced by society.