The Teletherapy Guide

By Qendra Jonathan

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This publication was produced by the “Jonathan Center” within the “Teletherapy in Albania” project, with the financial support of LevizAlbania, a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC.

Therapy and the need for it has recently become even greater and necessary. Since our lives have changed completely due to many lifestyles and the pandemic, we all proved that we need to change a lot of things in the way we live and receive services for our needs. Therefore, receiving therapy in electronic form, or otherwise online, has become a reality much more than we could have imagined before. During the months of March, April and May we all turned our lives almost upside down trying to understand what was happening, but also how we could continue to live by returning the services we previously received within a specific environment to other forms from location or living environments. Precisely for this reason, teletherapy proved to be a form of providing therapy and therapeutic services in conditions of living at home and the impossibility of taking it outside.

This Teletherapy guide contains the principles, rules and structure of its organization. He tries to come to the aid of all experts, therapists and other colleagues who can and should offer their work in this way. Teletherapy was offered to children, adolescents and young adults with various diagnoses as well as their parents.

Also, this guide shows the success achieved and the safety and continuity guarantee of therapeutic support in difficult situations such as the pandemic that our country and the world are experiencing in the 21st century.

This guide was created by Jonathan Center staff:

Artemisa Shehu (Associated Professor),
Irini Halili Tila (Talking Therapist),

Andi Ponoci (Music Therapist),
Klodiana Kule (Developmental Therapist),
Alma Ivanaj (Counseling Psychologist),

Anduel Boçi (Counseling Psychologist) and
Sanije Çoku (Social Worker).

August 2020

Download the guide

Download the guide