Health and Development

By Qendra Jonathan

Do individuals with Down syndrome have medical problems? Certain medical problems are common in individuals with Down syndrome.

These include:

-40-50% of children with Down Syndrome are born with a heart problem and almost half of them need heart surgery.

-A large number of children with Down Syndrome have problems with hearing and vision.

-Disorder of the thyroid glands.

– Weak immune system.

-Problems with breathing, more frequent coughs and colds.

– Blockage of the digestive tract.

-Usually with advanced medical methods most of these problems are curable.

-Also, it is important to underline that some individuals with Down Syndrome have no medical problems at all.

Advanced methods in recent years have shown that individuals with Down Syndrome are living much longer. The average life expectancy of people with Down syndrome is 60-65 years, but some live longer than that.

How does Down syndrome affect development?

All children diagnosed with Down syndrome have some learning disability. Children with Down syndrome learn how to walk and talk or how to go to the toilet, but they generally learn later than their peers. Early childhood programs, which are now widespread worldwide for children with Down syndrome and learning disabilities, help in all areas of child development. These programs include speech therapy, physical therapy, and home learning programs. Children and adults with Down syndrome can and will continue to learn throughout their lives like the rest of the population. With good medical care and the right levels of support, people with Down syndrome can make friends, go to school, get a job and keep it, and most importantly they can make up their own lives and the future.

Down syndrome, child development

The following information provides an overview of the typical development of children with Down syndrome. As with all children with normal development, even in children with Down syndrome there is an individual variation according to age. Some children have additional medical problems that may affect their slow development. However, everyone continues to develop at their own pace.