Annette Maria Henriette Burgers Van Gorkum


Co-Founder & Board Member

Education & Training

Oreada completed his university studies in 1999 for Finance-Accounting at the University of Tirana. Then she attended 2-year studies at the Center for Christian Leaders in Tirana, where she started her first job in administration, teaching and mentoring. From 2005 to 2014, he worked at Raiffeisen Bank Albania in various sectors such as Loan Administration or Analysis and Project Management at departmental, divisional and corporate levels. Since 2008, he founded and directs the Jonathan Center with the aim that the community with special needs in Albania, and especially those with Down Syndrome, live with dignity and reach their maximum potential. Since 2011, she leads with her husband, Altini, the evangelical church ICF Tirana as well as a series of projects and initiatives in the country in equipping young leaders for success.


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